Our Suppliers

Tahi Manuka Honey

Nature is their business. The great folk at Tahi believe that investing in the environment rather than exploiting it will have long-term benefits, a philosophy that we fully support and endorse ourselves.

Tahi honey comes from hives that are ethically managed. When their honey is harvested, sufficient honey is left to make sure the bees remain healthy during winter, with enough still available for building the number of bees in spring, prior to the nectar flow.

They pride themselves on the super taste achieved from treating the honey with care, ensuring it is authentic, undamaged and raw. Tahi honey is the way nature intended. It contains all of the natural and unique properties of manuka honey. Their bees collect this honey from wild habitats around Northland. High levels of natural pollens remain in Tahi Honey.


Great Barrier Island Bee Co

Produced by the iconic Matakana Botanicals, this range is inspired and sourced from Great Barrier Island which is located just off the coast of Auckland.

Matakana Botanicals is a small family business which is simply dedicated to producing unique body care products.

They recognise how fortunate we are to live in a country like New Zealand which is blessed to have such a wonderful environment. However it is not something they take for granted but feel it is a privilege to be a part of. They  take the approach that we are all “caretakers” of this unique land and it is up to us to maintain and preserve so future generations can enjoy.

As a company the above message is shared by all the staff who know we must work in a responsible and sustainable way and put positive steps in place so we can help preserve our environment.

Kiwi Bees

Kiwi Bees is a Hawke's Bay based company that focuses on fostering and promoting sustainable beekeeping in New Zealand. They specialise in the annual rental of fully managed beehives with a vision to see improved local environments and ecosystems across New Zealand.

We are so fortunate to work with them and have their amazing comb honey in stock. All of it comes from the Hawkes Bay region, has beautiful flavours and scents plus all the goodness that goes with eating fresh comb honey, untouched by the human hand. Cut straight from the hive this is such a delicious treat and deserves to be on every cheeseboard or served with fruit as a dessert. (maybe with a bottle of red mead to boost the flavour combination)

Apiculture New Zealand

The aim of Apiculture New Zealand is to support and deliver benefit to the New Zealand Apiculture industry by creating a positive industry profile, business environment and opportunities for members.