Why we want to be more sustainable

Through sustainable practices, we are protecting our planet for generations to come.

How we are sustainable

Our focus is on the welfare of bees, and what we can all do as individuals to ensure they are nurtured and their safety is ensured. We look after bees by

  • Supporting groups who plant hundreds of thousands of trees
  • Championing sustainable business practices
  • Looking after groups who nurture our communities and need a helping hand.

What we are doing to be sustainable

We recycle packaging and where possible have eliminated the use of plastics and non recyclable products from our packaging and daily business.

We shred used coffee cups and add them to the compost

We compost organic scraps

We plant a mix of native plants and bee friendly coloured plants (yellow and blue) in our gardens

We sponsor Greening Taupō who plant upwards of 40,000 native plants each year in the Wairakei reserve and greater Taupō area.

We encourage our community and visitors to learn how to support healthy bee populations

We provide fresh water for bees

We source beautiful and sustainable bee & honey based products from beekeepers and artisans who actively improve the welfare of bees

We procure over 80% of the products we sell from small family owned New Zealand businesses who make their product in New Zealand

Our Community

Here at Huka Honey Hive we like to give back to our community and people in need. Each year the Huka Honey Hive team assist a number of organisations that work within the Taupo community and some further afield.

Greening Taupō

The concept for Greening Taupō arose as a result of vision and discussions between Project Tongariro, the Department of Conservation and Wairakei Golf & Sanctuary who believed that a collaborative organisation could take conservation to the next level in the Taupō community. The goal is to replicate the intensive conservation work occurring within the Wairakei Golf & Sanctuary area into the surrounding community. The objective of Greening Taupō is to improve the Taupō environment for people and native wildlife and will involve undertaking restoration planting and pest control to create ecological corridors and increase the number of native birds. 

With collaboration from the community, Greening Taupō can:

  • Create a sustainable future for our environment for generations to enjoy
  • Increase natural heritage, protection and restoration
  • Protect our unique biodiversity & environment
  • Increase recreational opportunities
  • Green environment = healthy environment

Huka Honey Hive have been avid supporters of Greening Taupō  since it was first established. We have hosted a Community Planting day where Manuka plants were planted on our grounds, and we participate in regular planting days. We sponsored Shawn Vennell from Quality Print who fought in the 2015 King of the Ring Charity Boxing Match and raised the staggering total of $100,000 dedicated to planting in the Wairakei Corridor. Together with the Greening Taupō  team and in celebration of 25 years of the Huka Honey Hive, 25 native Tōtara trees were planted on our land.

Project Crimson is committed to re-establishing Pohutukawa and Rata nationwide by planting trees, coordinating and supporting a wide range of maintenance activities, scientific research, possum control programmes and public education.

Like many New Zealanders we believe that Pohutukawa, Rata and many other natives we enjoy in New Zealand, are an essential part of who we are.  And of course, our native trees are especially important to our bees and the making of honey.


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