Our Journey to Sustainability

Why we want to be more sustainable

We believe in nurturing our planet

  • People
  • Plants
  • Animals

How we are sustainable

We look after bees by

  • Supporting groups who plant hundreds of thousands of trees
  • Championing sustainable business practices

We look after groups who nurture our communities and need a helping hand

What we are doing to be sustainable

We sponsor Greening Taupō

We create “mini gardens” for customers from used coffee cups

We sponsor Project Crimson

We provide fresh water for bees

We serve on the board and sponsor the leadership team at Anamata Café, a dedicated holistic health care centre

We plant a mix of native plants and bee friendly coloured plants (yellow and blue) in our gardens

We provide rehabilitation support and mentoring to bring long term sustainable businesses to Leprosy affected villages in Papua New Guinea, The Solomon Islands, Bangladesh and India

We use bee friendly/natural organic plant food and pest removal products

We compost organic scraps

We encourage our community and visitors to learn how to support healthy bee populations

We recycle packaging

We source beautiful and sustainable bee & honey based products from beekeepers and artisans who actively improve the welfare of bees

We shred used coffee cups and add them to the compost