Mountain Gold Gift Pack Manuka Honey UMF5+, Tawari, Kamahi 3 x 110g

Mountain Gold



This 3-set gift pack of honeys include...

Manuka UMF5+.

Nestled at the base of the Tararua Ranges in the North Island of New Zealand, Mountain Gold bees forage on expanses of uncultivated mānuka trees, surrounded by native forest from the mountain ranges and Pukaha Mount Bruce Conservation Reserve.

Containing UMF 5+ (methylglyoxal 100+) antibacterial activity, this premium mānuka honey is laboratory-certified and tested in New Zealand.


Tawari flowers are a rich and abundant source of nectar. The nectar contains a lot of fructose and much water. The honey may be thin as a consequence but nonetheless crystallizes quickly. The honey has a light colour and tastes a bit like butterscotch. Bark can produce a black dye that is known to be used on flax. Māori people traditionally used the flowers to make necklaces and other adornments to be worn at festivities.


The stunning white bottle-brush Kāmahi flower produces a unique full-bodied taste with buttery undertones. Beautifully creamed, this honey is delicious spread on toast or simply enjoyed by the spoonful!

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