Mountain Gold Tawari Honey 500g

Mountain Gold



New Zealand Native Tawari Honey

Tawari (Ixerba brexioides), is found in the Northern half of the North Island. It can be described as a bushy tree with thick, narrow, serrated, dark green leaves and panicles of white flowers with a green heart. The fruit is a green capsule that splits open to reveal the black seeds partly covered with a fleshy scarlet aril against the white inside of the fruit.

Flower buds are formed in March and April and these open from October to the end of December.

Tawari flowers are a rich and abundant source of nectar. The nectar contains a lot of fructose and much water. The honey may be thin as a consequence but nonetheless crystallizes quickly. The honey has a light colour and tastes a bit like butterscotch. Bark can produce a black dye that is known to be used on flax. Māori people traditionally used the flowers to make necklaces and other adornments to be worn at festivities.

This naturally creamed Tawari Honey from the Kaimai Ranges won the People's choice award at the New Zealand National Apiculture Conference in 2023.

Processed in a Halal-certified RMP facility.

100% Natural Pure New Zealand Honey.

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