Naki Manuka Honey 20+ UMF 250g

Naki Honey



Naki Manuka Honey 20+ UMF is produced deep in the rugged Taranaki bush, famed for its rich, fertile volcanic soil and the wild manuka nectar which produces a rich, complex, aromatic honey.
Their Manuka Honey comfortably exceeds the 70% Manuka pollen content required to be labelled New Zealand Manuka Honey.

Naki, proudly owned by Barton Holdings Ltd, is a New Zealand family business based in New Plymouth, Taranaki New Zealand. They not only have their own land, beekeepers and beehives, but also their own factory to extract the purest honey for you. The whole process from the land to every single bottle is controlled and monitored.

Surrounded entirely by wild manuka bush, Naki’s hives are so remote, they can only be accessed by helicopter. With no road access, no cultivated crops and no man-made influences, their bees fly up to 5km from their hives to feast EXCLUSIVELY on pure manuka nectar!

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