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Bee Venom Hand Rejuvenating Creme with Manuka Honey 80ml

Turn back time with this rejuvenating hand crème designed to help hands look more youthful.  Bee venom assists in energising the skin's natural activity that increases circulation, collagen and elastin production.  This helps to firm and plump the extremely delicate skin on the back of your hands.  Blended with moisturising mānuka honey, rich natural oils and plant extracts, this special crème embraces everthing to help smooth and create a visible improvement to your hands.


Bee Venom Lip Plumper 15g

Bee Venom Lip Plumper helps to give the appearance of fuller and softer lips with the energising action of bee venom.  This encourages circulation and collagen production beneath the lips' surface.  The addition of moisturising shea butter, sweet almond oil and beeswax also naturally protects and hydrates to condition the lips.


Bee Venom Face Mask 47g

Experience intense refining and softening with our ultra-luxuriant Bee Venom Face Mask designed to give your skin a more radiant appearance.  Bee venom assists in energizing the skin's natural activity, encouraging increased circulation, collagen and elastin production, helping to firm and plump facial tissue for a smooth youthful looking skin.  Combined with a skin improving balance of natural ingredients known for their deep moisturising effects, this face mask is all about treating yourself to the very best.


Warning: Do not use if you are allergic to bee stings.

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