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Helping Hands Salve 80g

Naturally by Trisha



Helping Hand Salve is a beautifully lavender scented hand salve that is is loaded up with herbal extracts to help with dry skin and support and soothe your joints. Working on all levels of tissue from the skin (calendula, plantain, harakeke and comfrey root) nerve endings (kawakawa, St Johns wort), the soft tissue (arnica, bellis perennis) and down through to the small joints of the fingers (comfrey leaf). Clivers has also been added to assist with swollen tissue and it’s just as useful on tired and swollen feet. The base is a smooth, soft and spreadable blend of vegetable oils lightly scented with pure New Zealand (anti-inflammatory) lavender oil. Every batch is carefully hand-made and infused with loving energies - this is a gardener’s/handyperson’s must!

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