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Our Team

Most of our loyal team have been with us for many years and are well known for their excellent product knowledge and great customer service. We know all about honey and the many health benefits it provides – as well as being delicious.

We are all foodies and can help you match the many unique honeys we have with food you love – comb honey and blue cheese, Rewarewa for basting or marinating your meat, Pohutakawa to adorn your yoghurt…

 At Huka Honey Hive our goal is to provide our customers with a honey experience that leaves you “buzzing”.


Blair Matheson

After 24 years, I still find walking in the door here at Huka Honey Hive exciting and inspiring. For me the amazing variety of crafted honey based products, always having something new, the smell and wonderful colours creates a sensory experience.

Ryan Chadwick

We have seen people come and go,  products forever changing and economies going up and down but the business has stood strong and continued to uphold its values of supporting the local community, saving the bees, and creating a beautiful and experiential destination available to all. 

Jacob Chinnery-Brown

I enjoy  the company's focus on being an environmentally friendly sustainable business both to itself and the community. Also the desire to train and up-skill the team members so that they leave better than when they started.

Leigh Johnson

There are so many things make me enjoy my job but the one that stands out is the evolvement the Honey Hive has in helping the environment, Project Crimson and Greening Taupo. Re-planting for future generations and of course the Bees!!!

Cheryl Waide

I like working here because I work in a lovely environment with supportive caring management and work colleagues.

Cheryl Taylor

The company has a great ethos with sustainability and community involvement just two of its comer stone values and it's good to be part of a warm and welcoming work environment.

Anne Bowman

I love working for a company that values people and seeks to provide ethical, good quality and natural products for its customers. Encouraging a family culture of caring and supporting one another while also being committed to human justice, restoration and the care of those less fortunate then ourselves.

Danielle Rihia

There are many things that I love about my job at the Huka Honey Hive. What I really respect about the company though is how they take active steps to employ young people, like myself, to provide us with good work ethics for the future.

Ellie Keys

I really enjoy my job at the Honey Hive, because of the actions the company is taking to be more environmentally friendly towards a more sustainable future. I also like the vibe of the shop which is created by our friendly staff and customers.

Lizzy Short

Knowing that we only sell skincare that is free from harmful chemicals and full of natural goodness means I feel confident in and proud of our products. Being part of a company that is focussed not only on protecting our environment but actively working with others to restore it gives me great satisfaction and enjoyment out of my job.

Lyn Howell

I enjoy my job at the Huka Honey Hive because it is a forward thinking company that is helping to protect the environment and our community for future generations.

Zac Mayall

Though I've only been here for a short period of time, I've come to love working here. I always find myself learning, whether it be about honey, bees, mead, or the new products that arrive in store. A warm, welcoming, and sustainability focussed environment makes the Huka Honey Hive a great place to work.

Stamp of Quality

We use this stamp to represent the fact that we adopt sustainable business practice wherever possible, and we carefully source our huge range of quality products from suppliers who have sustainability as the focus of their business.