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Step into the glorious world of the honey bee!

At Huka Honey Hive, we offer interactive and personalised honey tours, where visitors are introduced to all things honey and bees. 

Our guided tour takes you through our beautiful gardens, introduce you to our busy bees and provide the opportunity to get up close and personal with the bees, and even extract your own jar of honey!

One of the most fun, affordable and educational Taupo activities on offer!

Honey tours (minimum 4 people) include:

Zip up your bee suit, become a beekeeper and experience the wonderful world of bees!

The Honey Shack Tour is a hands-on beekeeping experience where you can get up close and personal with beehives alongside one of our beekeepers.

Imagine being able to handle frames of honey straight from the hive and take part in the honey extraction process, spin fresh honey from the comb and walk away with your very own jar of honey!

Learn all about bees, their different roles in the hive, the honey they craft and other wonderful products they create.

Discover the importance of bees to our lives, their essential place in our world and how you can encourage these fascinating creatures to thrive in your own backyard.

This 90-minute tour also includes a tour of our beautiful gardens which contain a variety of native trees used to make our delicious honeys in store.

Our Honey Shack Tour runs from mid-October until early April weather permitting.

​See the wonder of
honey-making in action​

The honey tour includes an exploration of our beehives, our abundant garden and our manuka grove, where you learn about the native fauna and bee-friendly flowers we have planted there.

After the tour, we also have a wide range honeys and other sustainable, honey-based products for you to sample, from mead and honey-based liqueurs to beautiful skincare products.

Join us on a golden adventure

Reserved by booking only, our honey tours run for approximately 90 minutes.

To provide an intimate honey bee experience, we generally cater for group sizes from 4-12 people. 

Reserve your tour at Huka Honey Hive!


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