Our Story

Dawns' Story

Dawn and Blair established Huka Honey Hive in the late 80s. Her husband was a beekeeper and she has lived and breathed honey for years. She brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the business. Today her focus is on creating the beautiful gardens that sustain and nurture the bees at Huka Honey Hive.

"My first memory was standing on grandmother's veranda, looking out over an orchard to the apiary beyond. It was beautiful. I was scared of bees, and to this day I still am!

Back then honey was stored in recycled kerosene tins, not packaged as it is now. We could buy half a kerosene can of honey for $30. You could take the lid off and the first thing you would notice was the strong honey smell. There was a frothy layer with bits of bees and wings floating on top"

Blair's Story

Blair found himself in the honey business, knowing only a little about retail after he and Dawn purchased the well-known Country Hall of Fame in the 80s. It has taken years of hard grind to transform the barren wasteland into the stunning site with its beautiful gardens that support and nurture the Huka Honey Hive bees.

"My first memory is of honey stored in a full or half size ‘kerosene’ tin. My Grandparents had a big tin in their basement and they would prize the lid off with a screwdriver and we would dip our fingers in and help ourselves. It was all about the smell and texture, especially rewarewa or manuka.

I remember going to Honey Village as a child. We were one of the first people to stay in the Oasis motel maybe 54 years ago.  We’d always get our honey from the “honey place” when we passed through Taupo in our Falcon Station wagon!