Our Experience

Huka Honey Hive is a wonderful free experience that all ages can enjoy and we invite you to come out and see us sometime soon. We are only 5 minutes away from the iconic Huka Falls so you have no excuse.

Our focus is on the welfare of bees, and what we can all do as individuals to ensure they are nurtured and their safety is ensured. We have 4 thriving hives which you can view from safety and watch the bees flying to and from outside, or you can view through a glass panel what they get up to from inside.

We have a wealth of information available to you about bees and honey on numerous panels throughout the store, or ask any questions from our friendly staff and they will be only too happy to share what they know. That is what makes their day so enjoyable!

Bee Information Area

Honey Tasting Area

You are welcome to wander down to our honey tasting table where you can sample a range of honeys, and we can explain what influences the taste and colour of each one. If its crafted mead or honey-based liqueurs you are into, and you are over 18, we have a very popular range for you to try.

Mead Tasting Area

Honey-Based Skin Care

We have a huge range of honey-based skin care and health products on display. We source beautiful and sustainable bee & honey based products from beekeepers and artisans who actively improve the welfare of bees. Try our hand-creams and skin balms, and sample our beautiful facial moisturisers. You may even be intrigued by the Bee-Venom Face Mask. These products are all carefully selected and produced by artisans who actively improve the welfare of bees.


Our Cafe Area

If its home-ware you are into, look no further. We have everything from hand-made and rolled 100% bees-wax scented candles to crockery and glass-ware embossed with bees.

Grab a freshly brewed coffee or a delicious honey ice-cream and relax on our comfy chairs by the fire in winter or outside in our garden over the warmer summer months. Sit back and read the story of how, what and why we strive to be a fully sustainable business.

Our Picnic Area

Helpful Signage

Take a stroll around our gardens and learn what plants help support our bee populations. You might take away some great ideas for what to plant at home to attract bees. This will assist with pollination of your own crops and lead to better fruit and vegetable yields.